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Show the planet you give a stick with our Wood Stickers.

Ethically Sourced

These wood stickers are sustainably and ethically sourced. Our vendor Dust City Designs worked directly with an FSC certified wood supplier to be sure that all of their wood products are up to our tough standards. 

Sustainable Packaging
All packaging is also sustainable, with the hangtags printed by a local print shop (cutting down on carbon emissions from shipping), and are packed in a fully-biodegradable cellophane sleeve.

Fully Biodegradable
The only material used in these stickers is also fully biodegradable — wood! When broken down, these wood stickers leave behind only wood and degrade naturally. But what about while in use? Not a chance! These wood stickers can last indefinitely with indoor use and can last up to two years when exposed to the elements of the outdoors or dish washing.

Two Wood Types

  • Maple (a light blonde wood)
  • Cherry (a deeper, reddish wood)

Two Sizes Available

  • Small: 2" wide
  • Large: 3" wide

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